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Forever a Champion

I think every young child can learn through any martial art. They would then learn to respect their life, respect their parents, respect their country, and respect the whole world.

- Jackie Chan

Welcome to Invictus Star Martial Arts

Get ready to transform yourself both inside and out. Join Invictus Star Martial Arts to nurture the warrior within, enhance your self-esteem, and take your practice to the next level. With our wide variety of classes for all skill levels, everyone is truly welcome.

Meet Invictus Star Martial Arts

If you're looking to bring out the best in you, you've found the right place. At Invictus Star Martial Arts, we believe that the warrior spirit is about transforming your body and mind into a place of physical and mental strength together with a winning mindset, both at the Martial Arts School and in life. When you put your heart into training and practice, you will find all of this—and so much more.

Tae Kwan Do Boy Training

Our Programs

School Children
Martial Arts Training

Little Dragon


For children ages 4 through 6. Offers a strong foundation in essential character qualities such as courtesy, respect, and discipline. 

After School 


At Invictus Star Martial Arts, our goal is to provide high quality educational childcare services for children.

Jeet Kune Do


For children and adults ages 12 and up. Students receive instruction in the basic and advanced core skills of Jeet Kune Do

Tae Kwon Do Practice

Tae Kwon Do


For children and adults ages 6 and up. Features free sparring, board breaking, and street self-defense.


For adults. Develop empowerment, learn to assess danger, and learn the RAT self-defense system

Invictus Star Media

Daily Training

Daily Training

All Categories
All Categories

Daily Training

Daily Training

Daily Training

Daily Training

What People Say

Tae Kwan Do Children Training


My son took some Taekwondo classes several years ago with Mr. Miguel, and I have to say it was the best experience for him hands down. Mr. Miguel is an amazing instructor, very talented and patient with his students. He always challenged them, and he treated them very kindly and with respect.

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